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Sites of Interest
Altamira Palace
Town Hall
La Calaforra Tower
St. Mary's Basílica
Lady of Elx
L'Alcudia (Archaeological site)
Arab Baths
Municipal City Park
Huerto del Cura (Exotic Garden)
Ethnological Museum
Cidaris Paleontological Museum
Contempory Art Museum 
"La Festa" City Museum            La Festa
               Elche Elche Elche Elche             

Misterio de Elche (August) 
L'Altet, Els Arenals del Sol, El Carabassí, El Pinet, La Marina, Les Pesqueres-el Rebollo
Elche Elx is a city with a long prehistoric and historic past. The people feel great respect for the history, traditions and environment which distinguish Elx from other towns and make it unique.

The memories that are evoked and therefore the attraction for tourists are evident.

A large part of this cultural heritage can be found in the historical districts of La Vila, El Raval, El Pla de Sant Josep. 
The old town is surrounded by an immense palm grove, made up of horts (palm tree orchards). The palm trees form the largest grove in Europe. In Agricultural terms we find areas of great ecological value: the Fondo lagoon, the salterns, the Clot de Galvany and the mountains. The 10 kilometers of beaches are for the most part protected by long stretches of dunes fixed by century-old pines. 

               Elche Elche Elche Elche             
The city offers the best of its traditions in the symbol of the sacred lyrical medieval miracle-play, el Misteri d'Elx.

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