Taxis in Calpe

Taxis in Calpe will always offer us the best service with the best quality. Cars fully equipped and ready for any need. Perfect for a safe and comfortable trip. 


The service they offer is absolutely professional and their employees will take care of solving any problem or need of all customers. Focused on meeting the demands of people that use the taxi service in Calpe. 

The vehicles

Equipped to adapt to customer needs. They can make use of specific transport for people with reduced mobility, with roof rack, chairs for children, tailgate, etc.. 

Calpe Taxi Services

In addition to the service and transport of people can be responsible for the delivery of documents and so on. 

- Pick up at any local location in Calpe

- Courier service to deliver parcels. 

- Long-distance taxi

- Special services for events

- Transfers to airports, stations and hospitals

- Pre-scheduled trips

- Tourist trips to know places of interest

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