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Discover Altea ✔ ✔ Everything you need to know: What to see, what to do, beaches, weather and special events ❤️ in this fantastic town.

Altea is a town of Costa Blanca placed in the south-east of Spain. It belongs to Alicante province and it’s 55km away from it.  It has a population of 22.000 people registered in the town hall. This little town is mainly focused on tourism with beautiful beaches and coves, and a lot of hotels and campings to rest.  “Altea la Vella” forms part of a bigger group of towns named La Marina Baja.  This incredible place located between the sea and the mountains was the origin of the present town.

Weather in Altea Spain

The A.E.M.E.T. establishes for Altea really hot summers and gentle winters. More than 300 days of sun every year, ideals to enjoy its beaches and coves. And an average annual temperature of 18 degree.


What´s on in Altea

You should start a visit to Altea from the highest hills on the old town. From “Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Consuelo”, an amazing temple topped with blue and White roof tiles, you can see the beaty of the town.

What to do in Altea

In Altea Spain, you will find Innumerable excursions to enjoy the nature of the area. For example climbing the highest peak from where you can watch Ibiza.  Tradition and modern life are joined together in the activities of the town. Where you can find the tipical Valencian ball match or the competition of  the 200 mile rowing.  Endless sport activities such as football, basketball, or voleibol, not forgetting the sea activities in the club nautico, trekking and horse riding. After all this effort we deserve a rest, and Altea will provide us with a huge amount of restaurantsto enjoy a unique gastronomy.  You will be able to enjoy a visit to Altea thanks to all the services it provides like hotels, real estate, market, car rentals, taxis and golf areas.

Beaches in Altea

With about 8 km of sand, Alteas beaches and coast goes from el Albir to el Mascarat, going through “playa de la Roda” in the town center. You will find incredible views in la Olla or la Solsida and a mixture of smaller beaches and coves in Mascarat or la Galera.

Festivities in Altea

The local celebrations are many but the churches that celebrate to honor their saint are the most important ones, seasoned with a bit of powder. Nevertheless, Altea has a centenary tradition called “L’Abret. During las fiestas of San Juan, everyone carries a huge old tree, from the lower part of the town to the main Church where it is planted, only with the help of ropes. The fiestas have been evolving throuhgout the years and they’ve gone from the tipical dances to the most modern music concerts. During this days, powder shows and Fireworks will dress the nights of Altea. You will also find the fiestas of Moros y Cristianos, known all around. As for the common festivals such as Holy Week there are very peculiar celebrations as the living Calvary, the encounter, during Holy Saturday, and the tradition of going to the field the easter days of Resurrection to eat the typical sweet: the mona.


Gallery Altea

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Tourist Information

Tourist Info Altea
Plaza José María Planelles, 1
03590 Altea
Tel.: 96 584 41 14
Fax: 96 584 42 13
Email:  Palau Altea  Ayuntamiento

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