Urban project Streer Light Art Project presented by Altea culture

Autor: Infocosta - 02/01/2020

We present the urban art project that consists of the artistic intervention of public lighting using plastic as the main material and the technique of plastic thermofusion, which has been made in 50 street lights from different streets of the municipality creating a night art route.
Early in the morning, from the Francesc Martínez i Martínez square, in the heart of Altea's Old Town, Aurora Serrar and Ansur Zapico made known the singularities of the SLAP project. Serrat explained that "Zapico arrived in Altea thanks to the project La a Nit de l`Art, which enchanted us with its light and colours and we did not hesitate to propose to decorate our municipality and give it colour, life and art". "We want to bring art out into the streets so that it is close to the people, to Altea's citizens and visitors, and this is a sign of this", added the municipal head of Culture.
SLAP Altea is already in operation and gives colour to the Altean nights in the streets of the old town and the surrounding area.
"The main material used in the project is plastic and I have collected it myself from markets throughout the province. I clean it and at my work table the metamorphosis of the material emerges, which is the transformation of plastic. The imprint of the consumer society that becomes light art, which is then installed in street lights and generates an individual work that must be seen and appreciated live" Zapico said.
The artist has concluded that the proposal has been to generate a night tour that visitors can follow, which even allows them to visit areas not so well known to tourists.
Source: El Periodic

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