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Discover Villajoyosa ✔ ✔ Everything you need to know: What to see, what to do, beaches, weather and special events ❤️ in this fantastic town.

Villajoyosa old town is the historic capital of "La Marina Baixa" district. This town filled with sailors and tourists is located on the Costa Blanca, southeast of Spain, at a distance of 33 kilometers north of Alicante. Around 33.000 people live here.

Weather in Villajoyosa

The climate in this city is very similar to the rest of the towns of the Costa Blanca, with enviable temperatures throughout the year. Its a place with very little rainfall what makes it ideal to enjoy a splendid vacation.  The average annual temperature is around 19 degrees. We could say Villajoiosa is an authentic paradise.


What to see in Villajoyosa

Its port and promenade, located in the neighborhood of the Arsenal, in the lower part, are surrounded by multicolored facades of popular housing, where the church of “Nuestra señora de la Asunción” has her main monument. A visit to the port allows you to enjoy the evening with the daily auctions of fish and seafood,  caught on the high seas by numerous boats of the local fleet.  The walk of Doctor Esquerdo crosses the long beach of the city.

Things to do in Villajoyosa

In its own condition as a paradise on the Costa Blanca, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, Villajoyosa has many water activities, as well as various guided tours that will make us enjoy both the coast and the interior.

  • We cannot forget the special gastronomy that this town offers to all  its visitors. 
  • Meditteranean kitchen that will provide everyone that tastes it incredible sensations with the fresh fish and live seafood. And of course, the Paella, prepared in a million different ways.
  • But if there is another specialty in the city, that is chocolate. With an amazing museum where you will find all the varieties and and different types.
  • The bluesense resort in Villajoyosa is one of the most important points to visit. Charming resort that offers restaurants, hotels and all the tourist information you may need.

The Beaches in Villajoyosa

The pleasant climatological weather in Villajoiosa allows its tourists and visitors to enjoy a beautiful fishing port, and especially a few beaches and coves that have calm and crystaline water.

The name of the beaches are: Racó del Conill, Torres, Estudiantes (located in the urban center next to the fishing port), Centro (obviously the busiest as it is totally in the center of the town), Paradis, Bol Nou, La Caleta, L'Esparrello, Xarco, Carritxal and Puntes del Moro.

Fiestas in Villajoiosa

The seafaring vocation of La Vila is revived in its festivities at the end of July, when Moors arrive by sea to fight the Christians. This Fiestas, declared of international Interest,  have a deserved fame, being the landing of the Moorish troops one of their greatest attractions.

The Medieval Fair and market, Las Lágrimas de Santa Marta, and as a fishing village, the Virgen del Carmen are some of the many parties that are celebrated in Villajoyosa.


Gallery Villajoyosa


Tourist Information

Tourist Info La Vila Joiosa
Calle Colón, 40 (Xalet Centella) 

03570 La Vila Joiosa (Alicante)
Tel. 96 685 13 71  


Ayuntamiento Villajoiosa
Fiesta: Moors and Christians

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