A good summary of the gastronomy that can be found in the restaurants and bars of the Villa is the same as the coastline of Valencia and even the entire Mediterranean Sea: fresh fish of the best quality, live seafood and rice (Paellas) with all its different variants and ways of preparing it.  
The broth rice is also a very demanded product in the municipality, always preparing it with fish, or with onions and pumpkin, with spinach and octopus.
Another way to prepare the fish to take into account is the "Salazón", to serve as a tapa or to accompany another main dish, very typical of the bars and restaurants of Villajoyosa.
At dessert time, chocolates have a special protagonism in Villajoyosa. They are famous for their high quality and their unique production methods.
Finally, to all this, we must add the varied cuisines of other countries in the many restaurants of the place: Italian, French, Chinese or international.


It is the brand created by the town hall and the tourist office to promote the typical products of the area and the kitchen of the Villa. Focusing mainly on restaurants, fishing and chocolate. It is for that reason that throughout the year several events are celebrated with these 3 elements like protagonists:

Sample of Marine Cuisine

This event highlights the strength of the gastronomic heritage and the potential of restaurants as an element of revitalization of the local economy as well as external promotion of Villajoyosa

Pebrereta Contest

Based on one of the city's most popular recipes, the Pebrereta-whose ingredients are summarized in peppers, garlic, pumpkin, salt, sweet paprika and sangatxo), one of the most picturesque neighborhoods, known as Poble Nou, brings together in the Plaza de la Llum, teams of contestants, true chefs of this local recipe.


Held at the height of the summer season.  This event represents the perfect union between chocolate and the Villa, which is a good attraction for the municipality.

The Week of Rice

A lighter and more agile event, through which to recover and promote the Rice Culture, with its thousand varieties and its strong roots in the vile culinary habits, with an ancestral origin.

With G for Tapas

based on one of the strongest attractions of Mediterranean culture in Spain: the popular tapas. Occasion and meeting point to socialize. The event has achieved the promotion of tourism, leisure, gastronomy, culture and party.

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