Camping as an ideal plan

Autor: Infocosta - 15/01/2020

Living in a big city like Madrid has many advantages and of course, one or two disadvantages for those who live in areas like Chueca. There are times when it is more than necessary to take a holiday break and come back later with renewed enthusiasm.

If you know that time will come, you probably want to join the almost 8 million people who in 2018 chose the option of venturing into a campsite in Spain, to change their daily routine a little. The Iberian Peninsula has for you the best options of camping to choose your ideal destination, being the communities of, Andalusia, Valencia and Catalonia, the most offered of this type of accommodation.

Whether in, caravans, comfortable cabins or tents, camping allows you to make unlimited trips and, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics, referring to 2019, is the preferred destination of those who opt for campsites is the Community of Valencia. On the other hand, La Rioja reached the highest level of occupation of the places offered, with 60.7% of them.

The main tourist destination, which received overnight stays in campsites throughout 2019, and which also presented the highest occupancy rate, was La Costa Blanca; whereas the cities with the most overnight stays were Cartagena, Marbella and Benidorm.

Despite the fact that Spanish campsites are not as appreciated by resident tourists in the country, they are the perfect destination for foreigners, if we refer to the number of them who choose them for accommodation compared to the number of resident tourists who choose this option (67.8% in campsites are made by travelers not resident in Spain). The national user is growing steadily every year in response, among other things, to improvements in facilities and services, which, year after year, this sector experiences, especially appreciated by people from the United Kingdom, a major issuing market which comprises 33.3% of all non-resident overnight stays in Spanish campsites.

Why choose to go camping?

The classification of campsites is governed by their services and facilities, in three categories: luxury, first, second and third category. They are registered in the corresponding register of the different Tourist Departments in each Autonomous Community.
Among the defenders, at all costs of camping when it comes to enjoying a break, more or less long, we find solid reasons which justify their choice, among which it is worth highlighting their excellent value for money, which guarantees a more economical holiday as well as satisfaction along with; the freedom of schedules and sets that offer the places of encamped, the possibility that appears of establishing close and cordial relations with other campers and the privileged situation of most of them; the sport supply, of animation and games that usually have, very adapted to enjoy in family, or even the acceptance of pets like company in their facilities.
In addition, as mentioned above, today's campsites have added a component of comfort and even luxury to their wide range of attractions, which was formerly reserved for other types of accommodation. This has made them gain market share among those people who refuse to give up a whole series of daily whims during their holidays that are indispensable, for many.

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