Cheaper months and destinations by 2020

Autor: Infocosta - 15/01/2020

The year is not yet over and more than one has already thought about the holidays that could be enjoyed for the next 2020, these blessed bridges that completely break the routine. The good news is that next year is loaded with 6 national bridges to schedule a little escape in and out of Spain. The important thing is to know how to choose and book the destination in advance to be able to travel at the best price, and above all, save money to be able to take advantage of each bridge, in addition, the special offers for bridges. According to the online travel agency if you buy several months in advance, we would have the possibility of saving up to 70%, compared to the average price, on trips to the city or beach.

Easter, the first holidays after Christmas

After Reyes, we'll have to wait a bit to enjoy some long bridges. Until April, when we have the Holy Week.
In most of the autonomous communities, (9 and 10 April) Thursday and Friday respectively, are holidays, while others sacrifice Thursday for Easter Monday. In any case, these are four days in a row in which you can take your bags and escape from the routine for a while. Now that Spring is coming, the main attraction is the beach. Buying in advance, you can save more than 30%, when you book from January. As an example, flights to Tenerife can be obtained 28% cheaper; to London and Madrid 22% and 16% respectively, lower. If enjoying the beach is your thing, you can save up to 17% in hotels on the Costa Dorada if you book a few months in advance. If the question is to enjoy the snow, a room in Andorra is preferable to book in advance if we want to save up to 35%.

May Holidays for Summer

May 1, 2020 is a Friday. The perfect excuse to get ready, now, for summer. Since it's three days, it's better to have a getaway close to home. Enjoy the Costa Blanca or maybe a little escape to Rome. Regardless of the destination, if we prepare the trip in advance, the savings could be more than 60%, compared to the average price. This bridge coincides with the April fair and the good news is that for these emblematic days, booking a hotel in Seville in advance, can be up to 66% cheaper.

El Pilar: Costa Blanca among the cheapest destinations

Puente del Pilar is the beginning of a quarter full of holidays. A great idea is to take advantage of European destinations, where the cold is not yet strong and autumn makes its best show with very bright colors. Costa Blanca is the best setting for a perfect getaway.

The Immaculate and the Constitution, the longest Festivities

Constitution Day moves to Monday the 7th and joins the feast of the Immaculate Conception. This is the longest bridge in the last half of the year: four full days to escape before the family's Christmas commitments. The packages flight + hotel are the ones that succeed, as well as the international trips which fill the agenda of many Spaniards. With plans of this type to London, the savings could be almost 70% if you book from summer and 39% if the place chosen is Madrid.

Christmas Weekend

Christmas crowns the last bridge of the year. On December 25th, it joins the weekend, if we count those lucky enough to take it on the 24th, we are talking about four days to enjoy with the family. Flights are literally flying, and the best thing to do is to buy in advance, not only to get a price that fits our budget, but also to make sure we have a ticket home. If flights are bought in the summer, places like Malaga and Bilbao can be 37% to 56% cheaper.

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