Hotel occupancy increases by 5.5 points and is close to 70%

Autor: Infocosta - 14/12/2019

Compared to the percentage value for the same month in 2018, it is 5.5 points higher and is also the highest value for November in the whole historical series.

Following the trend of the year, November has achieved a high rate of hotel occupancy, 69.8%, in hotels and tourist accommodation in the province of Alicante.

With the exception of Playa de San Juan, all the tourist areas have recorded better rates than those of November 2018. In Elche, these were the highest values, with 92.0%. The Metropolitan Area of Alicante, with 73.5%, Alicante Centro (73.4%), Playa San Juan (68.1%) and Playa de la Provincia (62.0%). Inland establishments accounted for 45.4%.

The origin of the tourist demand is mainly foreign and concentrates 61.23% of the total, on the other hand, the national tourists represent 38.77%. Among international travelers, stand out those from the United Kingdom, which account for 21.0%, followed by the Swedes with 8.2%, Norwegians (6.2%), French (5.6%), Algerians (5.3%) and Finns (5.2%).

On the other hand, the most numerous Spanish are the precedents of the Valencian Community (31.1%), Madrid (23.1%), Catalonia (12.5%), Andalusia (8.0%), Castilla La Mancha (4.6%) and Murcia (4.2%).

The National Holidays known as “Constitución”, reached 77.7% in Alicante.

In the city of Alicante, these holidays, held from Thursday 5 to 8 December, and achieved an occupancy rate of 77.7% and exceeds the 66.8% achieved in 2018. Good results have also been obtained in other areas and municipalities. In the case of Elche, which reaches 66.0%, Guardamar (65.0%), Playa de San Juan (58.6%), Orihuela (55.5%), San Juan de Alicante (49.5%), inland establishments (43.2%) and Santa Pola (22.7%).

Source: Alicante Plaza

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