Increased tourism on Christmas

Autor: Infocosta - 02/01/2020

This Christmas, the hotels in Benidorm are approaching full capacity. At this time, the typical picture is the full beaches. Benidorm with more than 20 degrees of temperature, has been filled with tourists, mostly foreigners.
On the other hand, the family tourism is the one that fills Andalusian hotels and streets. The community presents almost 70% of occupation, especially Seville. These figures are higher than those of last year. Thus allowing many of the shops to make their Christmas their August.
Another favorite community to spend this time is the Canary Islands, which presents this year, 85% occupancy.
Also, there are those who prefer something cooler. Almost half of the rural tourism places are occupied on Christmas Eve. The most requested community is Pías Vasco. And the preferred lodgings are those with fireplaces and where you can stay with animals.
Source: Antenna3

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