Moraira, a village for writers

Autor: Infocosta - 04/02/2020

The Venezuelan writer and journalist Karina Sainz Borgo, based in Madrid, calls herself part of the village of Moraira. Last year she published "La hija de la española" a universal tragedy sold successfully in 26 countries. "The Third Country" It's a novel that required me to sit down to work without disturbance or interruption, with long hours of work and concentration. I like the sun very much, so I decided to write on the beach, and despite having people around me, there was nothing that bothered me. The well-being I felt was comforting. I wrote about 50 pages, in fact, so I hope that when 'The Third Country' is published, I will be able to take it to Moraira; the peace of this town has been very important to me.
stated the prestigious author in a recent interview.

"I came to Moraira looking for peace to write, looking for clear skies, blue sea, tranquility and I got it. In fact, I noticed that there was a small sculpture of a writer on the breakwater and that confirmed to me that I was in a village for writers" Karina was referring to the memorial created by Rosalía Meiendorfer which is located at the foot of Moraira Castle, in honour of the American writer Chester Bomar Himes.

For the specialist in literature, the virtues of the town are generously wide "The sunsets on the beach seemed to me a wonder. Crossing the promenade with a Mac in hand, arriving at the seashore, where everyone lives together in peace; it's like the redemption of the summer beach. For anyone who likes to read, write or simply relax, the ideal destination is Moraira.

It is worth mentioning that the writer and journalist stopped in Moraira during the long weekend of August 15th last year, without a doubt one of the tourist moments par excellence on the festive calendar. The writer's perception made clear something that can only be appreciated when visiting the town for the first time. "However many people there are, you don't get that noisy and tumultuous feeling. Everyone respects their space and there were very different people, but they all lived together. I loved it" But of course, he left a warning to sailors "I think Moraira is a town that we should not promote too much, because if they find out we'll mess it up"

Sainz was pleasantly surprised by one of the bookstores located in the alley of the town centre "I was struck by that kiosk in the town, it is one of the best assortments I have seen in a long time. The bookseller is a lovely woman and I was very surprised that she had my novel, which is something to be thankful for".

At the end, the dawn wanted to give a little wink, making it clear that she hopes to return to this privileged corner of the Mediterranean "Moraira is the wonder of the century. I declare myself a citizen of the town as it is a wonderful place"

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