Neighborhoods in Denia are nicely valued by the citizens

Autor: Infocosta - 23/12/2019

Last October, the participative process "Life environments" was launched by Dénia’s Town Council; a tool to evaluate "Physical, economic and social" environments, where we live, what impact they have on our health and well-being, and what effects they have. Specifically, a total of 14 thematic areas and dimensions where evaluated. 

On December 20, in the culture house, the session of results was celebrated and prioritization of proposals for improvement where held, with the participation of many people who have worked in the process and narrated their experience to the public.

The most voted proposals were:
- Organize public transport and adapt it to the specific needs of the citizens.
- To increase the public park of social housing
-Public transport plan: encourage and incentivise walking and the use of public transport
-Improve the connection between Dénia and Alicante and Valencia.
- Encourage local consumption
- More flexibility in the bureaucracy to open businesses
- That the city council acts as a mediator between owners of abandoned houses and people in need of housing.


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