Sant Antoni Festival: a great success

Autor: Infocosta - 15/01/2020

This weekend in Moraira, neighbours and citizens gathered to celebrate the feast of Sant Antoni, patron saint of animals, the public enjoyed the events and this festivity.

The theatre group "El Portitxolet de Moraira". Moraira experienced the celebration intensely. To the beat of the performance of "Sant Antoni i els demonis", the traditional blessing of the animals, the burning of the bonfire, the parades, the performance of the Muixeranga of Alicante and the popular meals, all accompanied by music, these wonderful patron saint celebrations cannot be missed.

Likewise, Ángela Grimalt, the child queen, was in charge of lighting the bonfire of Sant Antoni in the town of Benissera, which officially starts its extensive programme in the Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni 2020.

At the head, the mayor Arturo Poquet and the municipal authorities, were present and made a positive assessment of the entire program, especially the exhibitions, which can be visited at the Abargues Museum House, the Ivars Workshop Art Center or the Marina University Headquarters.  

During the same day, it was possible to observe the association of "Amics del Carro" and "Carreters i Cavallistes", giving transfer with firewood which enlivened the flames and the cavalries to the pines.

Finally, the local parish priest blessed the bonfire, which was lit by the current Queen of Benissa as mentioned above.

It should be pointed out that on Sunday the images of one of the three weekend festivals stood out, since the act of blessing the animals was undoubtedly one of the most popular.

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