The British continue to choose the Costa Blanca as a holiday destination

Autor: Infocosta - 22/02/2021

The Costa Blanca continues to be one of the most demanded options by the British in the resumption of travel. That is what the travel agency Icelolly tells us, with Benidorm being the most visited municipality. Only surpassed by Tenerife, the Costa Blanca is ahead of several very touristic destinations such as Greece, Portugal or even the rest of Spain.
Thanks to the statistics of hotel groups such as Poseidon or Magic Costa Blanca: according to the booking intention, which is usually focused on the summer months and, above all, in September and October, those prior to June of this year 2021 are considered lost.
These figures are a consolation for the tourism sector, which during this pandemic has been the most affected and is suffering the most.  With the hope of reactivating all these trips to welcome back the thousands of tourists who come to our coast every year.
The various UK restrictions during the year 2020 put the brakes on a summer that was already expected to be weak, which shows that all those Brits will return to our beaches as soon as Covid allows it.

Spain continues to be a key destination

That people want to travel is confirmed every day that there is good news about vaccines or the relaxation of the measures. That is the moment when more searches and bookings are registered, even if they end up being cancelled because uncertainty and the imposition of new regulations disrupt plans.
But as we said, Spain continues to be one of the most important destinations for tourism. According to a report by the European Travel Commission, an association of national tourism organisations based in Brussels, 10% of Europeans have the country as their first destination to return to after May 2021. This puts it at the top of the list, followed by Italy (7.8%), France (6.5%), Greece (6.1%), Germany (5.2%), Portugal (4.5%) and the UK (4.3%).

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