The beach of Albir

Located in the municipality of l'Alfás del Pi and within the beautiful Natural Park of Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada). Mainly characterized for being a beach made of rocks and boulders of about 500 meters, so we recommend visiting it with appropriate footwear. 

It has everything you need to enjoy a perfect day at the beach, including: lifeguard service, umbrella area, library, beach bars, some facilities for water sports (surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, etc.). All this makes it an ideal beach to visit with family, specially with children, due to its areas for children's activities. 

On a rocky beach with urban personality, with easy access both on foot and by car. It has a beautiful promenade and a regulated parking area. 

It has the famous Blue Flag as one of the best beaches in the area and for its abundant marine fauna. 

We must not forget the beautiful promenade of the stars, very close to the beach, where they commemorate the winners of the International Film Festival, held in this town in early July. 

Nor can we avoid talking about the Sierra Helada Park and its beautiful trails to the famous Albir Lighthouse. An ideal place to have a picnic with family and friends and enjoy the nature that surrounds it.

Cala del Amerador

This place has a special charm within the beaches and coves of the whole province. 

It is one of the smallest natural coves and with the clearest water of all, so activities such as diving become almost compulsary. 

It has no more than 20m which makes it a not very visited place, except in high season. 

It is located on the slope of the Sierra Helada which offers a great natural wealth of flora in its surroundings and fauna in the sea. 

The access is a bit complex and can only be reached on foot although there is a parking nearby, it is recommended to wear appropriate footwear for the rocks and boulders. 

It is one of the best known of the area also for being a nudist beach. 

La Cala Casa del Médico-Cassa del Metge.

One of the most visited and beautiful in the area for many reasons. The landscape conferred by the cliffs that surround it make this cove a spectacular place to enjoy a unique natural environment. 

With an approximate size of 120m and a soft swell, it has become a very common place for fishing. 

It does not offer lifeguard service, but it does have some signs depending on the tide and the weather. It is also perfect for scuba diving and nudism is allowed.

As well it has a direct connection to the foot route of the Albir Lighthouse.

Cala de las Minas-Minas de Ocre

About 50 metres long, it is a cove formed by rocks where diving in its transparent waters becomes a pleasure. 

It is also common to see some concentrations of small boats leaving the port to meet here.  

Like its neighbours, it is very narrow (only 5 m) and behind it we can find the Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada), which gives it marvellous views.  

It is isolated from the municipality and away from any urban nucleus so access to it must be done on foot, although there is a parking area within a short distance. 

It is a virgin cove with a transparent sea that bathes it.  With the exception of the others, it does not have a rescue service or a blue flag, but it does offer a surveillance service. Due to its location does not have a beach bar. 

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