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Taxis in Alicante have all the types of vehicles necessary for people with reduced mobility, minivans to fit more people and even high-end vehicles.

Most of them are also present in the areas surrounding the city such as San Vicente and San Juan.

We strongly recommend always using licensed taxis as prices and fares will always be regulated and will be similar to each other.

You can always visit the most emblematic and beautiful places of Alicante thanks to the recommendations of the drivers themselves


Ordering a taxi via your Smartphone or tablet is now possible. You can order a taxi quickly from your mobile device in just two steps. Get your taxi in a simple way and pay in the way that best suits you.

Thanks to our stop locator, you can instantly know where the nearest stop is to your position. You can choose to detect your current position or insert an address where you want to find the nearest stop.

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Alicante, San Juan, San Vicente, Campello and Mutxamiel.

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Customer service available at any time, any day.

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