MARCH - Fallas in Benidorm

Light, color and fire fill the city during these dates. Several monuments are built, with great effort and much color decorate the streets for a few days. In the final moment they are burned as a celebration and illuminate the dark night. 

The smell of gunpowder is dispersed throughout the city. Castles, monuments and fallas are the protagonists.  The bands play their precious music which creates a perfect atmosphere to enjoy. 

It is usually celebrated in the middle of March during the festive day of San José.


With the arrival of Easter, Benidorm enters high season. We wake up from winter we wake up from winter and the city offers a warm spring, perfect for one of the first holidays of the year. 

To the good weather is added the Holy Week that floods the streets with passion and devotion those days. 

The activities take place all over the city, where the processions of the brotherhoods stand out during the most significant days:

Palm Sunday

Holy Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Resurrection Sunday


To start the summer off on the right foot, the bonfires of San Juan open the summer season every year.  Where a large bonfire burns on the local beach, burning old objects, to represent the arrival of new hopes and dreams. 

Combining this celebration with parades and parades through the city, the festivities grow every year. 

Every year and one day before the official bonfire, hundreds of Benidorm residents gather on the beach to celebrate St. John's Night themselves.


One of the festivals with more tradition and more expectation of our coast. The Moors and Christians are an enormous attraction for the thousands of tourists who visit the city every year. At the end of September or at the beginning of October these special festivities are celebrated. 

It combines costumes, music, lights and gunpowder. With a historical tradition that represents the struggle between Moors and Christians of yesteryear. 

A series of celebrations and festivities take place, where music floods the streets, until the long awaited parades arrive, where all the groups of Comparsas parade through the streets of the place, accompanied by musical bands.


Traditionally, every November, Benidorm dresses up to celebrate the patron saint's commemoration.  It dates back to the year 1740 when the image of the Virgin was found, and that at present, that image is staged every year in the Poniente Beach. 

In the city there are 5 days of maximum agitation and enjoyment. Numerous acts and activities are celebrated for the whole family, mixing cultural and leisure activities such as the great fireworks display or the offer of flowers. 

They are festivals awaited by many tourists who always visit the place in this fall. That's why November is a great month with a lot of tourist affluence.


In Benidorm Christmas opens with the Christmas proclamation, which offers a children's show.  In this same act the lights of the Christmas square, which represents the heart of the city at this time, are turned on. Many activities are prepared for the streets, in addition to a large market, an ice rink for skating, etc.. 

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