The incredible Mediterranean town offers 265 days of sunshine every year.  With approximately 18 degrees on average which makes it a paradise of sea and beach.   It has 13 kilometres of beaches, divided into smaller rocky coves, wide fine sandy beaches and beautiful bays, all bathed by warm, crystal clear water. Along its coastline, cutted by beautiful cliffs, we find magical coves, eroded over time and carved into the mountain.  We also find more common and urban beaches of greater extension and easier access.


It can be found in the southern part of the municipality and you can only get there by sea.  70 metres of rounded rocks and calm waters make it a perfect scenery for fishing and diving, as well as other aquatic activities.As it is difficult to access, the cove's surroundings are absolutely natural.


It also has a complex access and the only way is through the sea. This natural cove created from rock, gravel and pebbles has magnificent views of the Sierra.  It is a fantastic place for snorkeling and fishing. About 40 meters of cove highly recommended


Just next to the marina, also in the southern area of Calpe, through which you access the cove. A little bigger than its neighbors, reaching almost 100 meters where a floor of rounded rocks and beautiful vegetation predominate.


Beautiful and not very big, this rocky beach is located just above the Puerto Blanco marina. Here we find an excellent opportunity to practice scubadiving with a specialiced center in this sport, which is responsible for preparing various related activities.  Formed by rock and quite thick sand goes up to almost 101 meters.


The most relevant thing about this place is that the environment creates a kind of natural amphitheater, giving a feeling of disconnection and total tranquility.  It measures 40 metres and is made up of cobbles and stones. From here, we can see the magnificent red wall of Calpe designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill.


Here we find just the opposite of the previous coves. A beach that exceeds the km in length and also formed by fine sand. Easily accessible, making it one of the most visited beaches in the area. Ideal for spending time with the youngest members of the family.  It has a magnificent promenade provided with all the imaginable services. It is worth mentioning that in summer it has an area adapted to facilitate bathing for people with certain disabilities.  


Of great relevance because of the history it hides. It is an urban cove of fine sand next to the promenade.

It is so called because of its location, which places it next to the Torre del Morelló. There is also the famous site of the Baños de la Reina (Queen's Baths) next to old fish farms.


Beautiful beach that has all the services and ideal for family visit.  It is next to the fishing port located at the feet of the Rock (Ifach Rock).

It has about 200 meters of fine sand from where we can observe the arrival of boats after fishing.


Like the rest of the coves in this area of the Costa Blanca, it is an ideal place for diving and fishing.

At the feet of the Peñón de Ifach, from here begins a beautiful ecological walk along the great rock with unbeatable views.

Here you will also find a truly unique place, the underwater route, with marks and signs on marine species. Rounded rocky cave, with calm waters and about 70 meters long.


This is a small natural corner, quiet and pleasant. It is very common to find people enjoying fishing, diving or even anchoring boats to the shore of the cove.  It is accessed through a small path that crosses the Rock


It is another of the town's urban beaches, pleasant and familiar. It offers all the services imaginable to enjoy a good time on the beach.  Formed by fine yellow sand and clear waters along almost 1 km of coastline, this beach has been awarded with the blue flag for a long time.  It has impressive views of the Peñón de Ifach, and some vegetation that mixes with sand at certain points.

The promenade that accompanies it has all the services you may need. In the summer season it also has an area adapted for people with reduced mobility.


Its name is very appropriate given the amount of underwater vegetation that we can find in the cove. Generally, accumulated in the rocks and that gives the place a special vitality. It is next to the park called Calalga in the north end of the Levante beach.100 meters covered by fine sand and rounded stones


The only access to this small cove is through a footpath that leads to the Les Basetes marina. It only has about 30 meters of thick sand and rocks next to always calmed waters, which give a minimum number of visits. From here we get a beautiful view of the north face of the Rock. Bordering the Cala Calalga and the before mentioned port, it is a fantastic place to practice any nautical sport or fishing.


In this place the tranquility predominates, next to the sports port, north of the municipality. Its stones and rocks form 70 metres of cove from where you can admire the Rock (Peñón de Ifach). Enjoy the calm and clear waters where you can enjoy a good holiday.

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