Within the Costa Blanca, Calpe is one of the most important tourist destinations. It has an enormous cultural variety and this is reflected in the large number of celebrations and events it enjoys every year. The streets are filled with tradition, culture and art. Where music and light predominate during the days of celebration.  

There are several festive periods in Calpe. Some of them are religious, others popular and others focused on the family and children.

Precious ornamentation adorns the streets and creates a welcoming atmosphere for all those who visit them. Full of light, colour, music and gunpowder.


It consists of creating several cardboard and paper sculptures that are distributed throughout the city, usually representing ironically moments of everyday life or a public figure.  On St. Juan's Day and to welcome spring, these works are burned.

Bonfires of San Juan

The night of San Juan is celebrated on the beaches of the town.  More specifically in the well-known Arenal-Bol, where a large bonfire is prepared. Traditionally, the arrival of summer is honoured and old wooden objects such as tables, chairs and furniture are burned.

Virgen de las Nieves (Virgin of the Snows)

It is a celebration celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the locality.  Celebrated for more than 70 years, they commemorate their virgin between music and celebrations.

Moors and Christians - Santísimo Cristo del Sudor

These are the most eagerly awaited patron saint festivals that bring together popular, historical and religious events. Where the barracks fill the streets and the costumes give color to the city.  Precious parades are held and an incredible atmosphere is created.

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