Denia has more than 20 km of coastline and combines long beaches of fine sand with small hidden rock coves. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sea, both as a family and for any water activity.

Punta del Raset Beach

Also known under the name of "Cagarritar", it is the closest beach to the centre of the municipality, bordering the whole area of the port of Denia. It has a large area of sand (600m long X 75m wide) which holds a large number of visitors who are concentrated there. Despite this, due to its size, it is never as overcrowded as others.

It has all the services to cover any need. It has walkways that give access to the beach and are helpfull to reach the area near the sea, a beach bar with hammocks and the possibility of renting umbrellas.

It is an ideal beach to visit with children and elder, protected from the east winds because of its orientation and awarded with the Blue Flag.

Les Albaranes Beach

It extends up to almost half a kilometre and is located in the area of Les Marines. In order, it is the second most urban beach and of greater proximity to the local center, since it limits with the beach of the Raset.

With similar characteristics to the previous one, it is an ideal beach to visit with children as it has a large number of sports and entertainment facilities.

To all of this we must add the great value of the landscape due to the existing dunes around the place.

Les Bovetes Beach

One of the largest and most crowded in the summer months. Awarded with the Blue Flag annually, it is a smooth sandy beach that stretches along almost 2 km and has several spots with easy access for people with reduced mobility.

In a fully equiped beach that offers several services such as: police surveillance, lifeguard service, channel reserved for the exclusive use of boats, in addition to safety signs depending on the conditions of the sea.

Els Molins Beach

Almost 3 km of sand fill this beach as one of the longest in the whole coast.  Away from the center of the municipality and due to its size, the beach becomes a very little overcrowded area. Of course it holds the award of Blue Flag thanks to all the services it offers:

Walkways to the interior of the beach, feetwashers and litter bins, has daily cleaning service, Red Cross post for maritime rescue, some police surveillance and signaling of the sea conditions. It also has a beach bar with hammocks and umbrellas.

L'Almadrava Beach

It's a beach in Denia formed by gravel and sand that stands out for the tranquility and quality of its waters.  

Just like Els Molins beach, being a very long beach far from the city centre, its a not overcrowded place in the months of greatest affluence.  

Given its characteristics it is a special beach for any type of visit and person. Especially recommended for children and adults.

Les Deveses Beach

The beach Les Deveses is the biggest of the whole coast of Denia. It is also the furthest from the city centre and once again this gives it a special natural touch and tranquillity.

This beach has all the necessary facilities and services for visitors.

Marineta Casiana Beach

As we get closer to the south of Denia, we observe the slight change of its coast and a clear example of this is the Marineta Casiana Beach. It has been awarded on numerous occasions with the Blue Flag that guarantees the quality of its services and waters.

Its bay shape, which protects it from the movement of the waters, added to its shallow depth, make it one of the best beaches for children and elder people.

It is located next to the Marina of Denia but it is also sheltered from the entry and exit of boats.

With very easy access and its proximity to the city centre, opinions about this beach are always positive.

El Trampolí Beach

Here we can clearly see the change from sand to rock.  The beach Trampolí of 1 km is formed by rocks. It is so called because of a trampoline that is installed in one of its rocks that is habitually used by its visitors.

As there is no sand at all, it is recommended that visitors to the beach wear specialized or useful footwear to access the beach and even the water.

Punta Negra Beach

Beach of 1.5 km formed by rocks only with a pedestrian access from Les Rotes.  It is characterized by great beauty as it shows a great contrast between the blue of the sea and the brown of the rocks.

It is also highly recommended to go to this beach with appropriate footwear due to the instability and formation of the rocks that make it up.

Arenetes Beach

Rock cove also known as "El Final de les Rotes" which offers one of the most beautiful and special landscapes of the coastline.  Of a small size without exceeding 300m in length, it has a fairly high number of visits in the summer which can affect to the access and especially parking with the car.

La Cala (nudist beach)

It is the only beach/cala in Denia that allows the practice of nudism. An area at the end of the beach of Les Arenetes, which is about 150m, and is formed by rock. With access only possible by foot, is a hidden cove and partly isolated.

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