Restaurants in Denia: Sea and mountain

In Denia the best products of both the sea and the orchard of Alicante are mixed, which leads to an exquisite variety of food and the famous variety of Mediterranean food.
It is very famous the Great Red Shrimp of Denia and the good Banda Rice that stand out above the rest of the typical dishes of the city.
"These succulent plates can be tasted in the more than 300 restaurants of the city, which elaborate the most varied recipes of the local, national and international kitchen. Without a doubt, Dénia is situated as an authentic gastronomic environment in which the new trends in signature cuisine emerge with force".
This infinity of Restaurants in Denia makes that exist very different styles. We leave you here a list in which they are almost all included.
List of Restaurants in Denia:


Every year in Denia there are several events related to gastronomy. The best known is the route of the Tapas (October).  The restaurants and bars offer a small plate of food and a drink for a very low price to promote themselves.

International Creative Cooking Competition of the Red Shrimp, where several professional chefs participate every year in early March.

The celebration of the "Escaldá" and the "Cabrerot". 2 festivities to commemorate and recreate the process of the grape to make wine.
The week of the Rice to Band where several restaurants offer menus with this typical dish included.

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