Restaurants in Campello

The most typical dishes offered in the restaurants of El Campello are: "Caldero campellero", "el arroz a banda", "el arroz meloso", "la fideuá", "la bogueta amb tomaca", "la olleta borda", and "el bollitori", which have always been taken care of by the local restaurants.  Each cheff will always give it a personal touch but these dishes are a tradition. 

To promote these dishes, they usually hold a Gastronomic Days where you can try small samples of different dishes such as the famous "TAPAS" along with some Alicante wine. 

An extensive variety of restaurants will delight the most demanding palates and will satisfy, we are sure, your expectations ... Not in vain, to come to savour the gastronomy of the countryside has become one of the main reasons to visit El Campello.


They are characterized for being a mixture between the products of the field and the sea, that is to say, it has always been distinguished by a careful gastronomy that combines its agricultural tradition with its fishing character.  Several of these dishes combine fish with vegetables. 

An extensive variety of rice dishes with fish and vegetables fill all the restaurants of the place. In any letter of any restaurant we will find the so coveted "Paellas" of the Mediterranean coast.

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