Gardeners and pool maintenance on the Costa Blanca

Work activities. Garden Maintenance and Cleaning

Gardeners in the province of Alicante and the northern part of the Costa Blanca prepare the areas for sowing, and prepare and mark the soils for cultivation and planting. Depending on the work in question they will work with flowers, shrubs, trees, etc...   The main functions of a gardener are as follows:
- The plantation.
- Irrigation.
- Spraying with products to protect plants against pests.
- Lawn mowing.
- Cutting hedges and pruning plants.
- The elimination of weeds and garbage.

Costa Blanca / Gardening

Workers who dedicate themselves to the parks and gardens of the different populations, who also condition roads and highways, and who ultimately fix our gardens and plots.  Mainly dedicated to the maintenance of the plants and trees, we can ask for their help if we need their services in our homes, in case it is too much work or if we are going to be out for a long period of time.
Some specialize in arboriculture dedicated to the cultivation and care of new plants and trees. Others design and embellish any place (interior and exterior) with different plants or flowers to what is called interior landscaping.
The professional gardeners of the Costa Blanca work to make our lives easier. Don't hesitate to contact them when you need their help to take care of your garden or the plants in your house.

Swimming pool maintenance

All work related to the pool is included here. Cleaning, maintenance and control over the condition of the pool and water. For private, public or community pools. Our specialists will ensure that the pool is always clean and in perfect condition for use. You can almost forget about maintenance and just think about enjoying it.

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