Restaurants in Moraira - Teulada

Here, traditional cuisine is perfectly combined with that of other nationalities. There is a wide range of restaurants and cultures introduced through gastronomy. They offer a very high quality of products, some of them awarded with the famous "Michelin Star" to make eating a real pleasure.

Typical products of Moraira

Moraira has a quality mark on its fish called "Moraira Bay" to ensure the origin and quality of its fish.
With this great fish, true works of culinary art such as "Putxero de Pulpo" (Octopus Putxero) or "Sopa de Pescado" (Fish Soup) are carried out together with different types of salted fish and salted fish.
It is undoubtedly the main product of Moraira - Teulada.  It is used to prepare delicious dishes such as "Arroz a banda" or paella with "Sardines and spinach" as well as the famous "Arroz negro".  Fish from the bay itself are combined with rice and an enormous tradition which results in exquisite dishes.
The wine
The local grape is called "Moscatel Romano" with which most of the wines from here are made. Due to the characteristics of the grapes, the most sought-after drinks are the "Mistelas" and the "Moscatel" wines, of international fame. White, rosé and red wines are also prepared to accompany our table, vermouth to whet the appetite or surprising sparkling wines to celebrate.

Where to eat in Moraira Teulada

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