JANUARY Festivity of San Antonio Abad (Orihuela)

This celebration begins in the middle of the month, on the 17th, to commemorate San Antonio, the patron saint of animals.  Held in the city's own palm grove, at the foot of the mountains.Several parades and processions through the streets are prepared, as well as several activities that give a special touch to the festivities. 

The animals are baptized and blessed so that they have protection throughout the year and the already famous "Charlantes Contest" is organized where the talent of each participant to sell their products is valued. The next day there is a draw to give away a pig. 


The centre of the town becomes for a few moments an old medieval market, with activities of all kinds and for all audiences, small shops with craft products, workshops, theatres, dances and much more. 

All this generates a spectacular atmosphere that fills the streets of the place with smells, sounds and colour. 

A festival whose origin dates back to 1270 with a great tradition and is celebrated once a year. 


Declared of International Tourist Interest, Holy Week here is one of the most relevant in the country. Its great and ancient tradition make it unique and is one of the reasons why it was declared of international interest in 2010. 

Processions follow one another throughout these days. One of the most important is the Holy Thursday procession where all the participants parade through the streets of Orihuela in silence and darkness. 

JULY Moors and Christians

These beautiful festivals are celebrated every year around July 17, also declared of National Tourist Interest since 2017.  They stand out in these days: 

- The guerrilla of gunpowder where numerous fans and participants of the festivities shoot their trabucos along a route through the streets of the town. 

- The parades are undoubtedly the most expected of these festivities for all tourists who visit them. The streets are filled with color and music while the steps of the Moors and Christians rumble on the walls of the houses. 

- Numerous events scheduled for these days are dedicated to the entire population. 

All these celebrations create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy an unparalleled party. 

SEPTEMBER and the Feasts of the Virgin of Montserrate

To be more precise, this festival is celebrated on September 8 in honor of the Virgin already mentioned, patron saint of the town since 1633.  Several activities are prepared in her honour and to commemorate her. The parades, the pilgrimage and several masses. 

It was found in 1306 over a cave, where the sanctuary where it is currently venerated was built.

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