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Campello is a coastal municipality in the province of Alicante, located just 13 km northeast of the city of Alicante. It is a large population center that has more than 27,000 people, to which many more are added during the holiday season.

It receives thousands of tourists during the year who fall in love with its great culture and its beaches. The 23km of coastline and the great cultural influence make Campello an almost magical place.

Therefore,  the municipality is one of the main holiday destinations for many tourists, both national and foreign. Intended for the comfort of all of them,  many services arise that seek to satisfy their needs.

This is where real estate agents come in, focused on helping and getting the best offer for each of their clients.

Houses for Sale in Campello

We find here a large number of offers from flats, villas, bungalows, townhouses, farms, etc,  each with its advantages and strengths. There are homes in the downtown area perfect for dayla life, near services and everything you need.  On the other hand, in suburban areas or on the outskirts there are dwellings further away from the hustle and bustle where you can enjoy the holidays calmly.

We also find a middle term that would be the homes of the urbanizations as the Urbanization of els Banyets, a little further north and also close to the beach.

At the time of taking such an important decision, the real estate agents in Campello will focus all their efforts so that we make the successful purchase.  Thanks to them we can see, compare and choose according to our preferences,  under a professional recommendation of experts in the area.

Being a municipality that is spread along the coast, any decision we make to purchase, we will know that you will be close to the beach, which is a huge advantage.

Houses for rent in Campello

When renting a home in Campello, we can also receive help from these companies, as many specialize only in this task and can offer a wide range of homes for our choice.

Many holiday homes have every imaginable comfort and detail.  If we are looking for a garden to travel with our pets, a pool for our children to enjoy, with sea views and two steps from the beach.

Holiday homes in Campello

Campello real estate agents work professionally and effectively, not only when looking for housing but throughout the after-sales process. This allows foreign visitors to forget about the entire administrative process and are not forced to make several unnecessary trips. In this way the only concern of the clients should be to find the house they were looking for and buy it.

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