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Orba is a small town (in the Marina Alta) that belongs to the judicial district of Denia. It has a population slightly over 2000 inhabitants.

The easiest way to get to the town is by road from Alicante through the N-332. Located about 20km from the nearest coast in Denia.

It is protected by the mountains that create the surrounding valley, crossed by the river Girona. This magnificent place is known for still maintaining the tradition of pottery, inherited from Moorish times. This past gives the locality its current name "ORBA" which comes from the word "Ur-Obia" (place where the water flows from the bottom of the mountain). The ruins of the Castellet, a defensive enclosure from the 13th century, are also preserved.

Orba has a precious historical heritage that can be seen in many of its buildings. The most important are: La Casa Señoría which in 1770 was an inn, La Font D'alt built in 1893 and La Font de Baix in 1904.

In the next years many other buildings were made, such as the parish church, restored in 1917, or the small hermitage of the Santo Cristo, where the village festivities are celebrated in its honour.

What to see in Orba

Casa Señoría or Museu del Fang

Specialized in clay and pottery tradition that has always been present in the municipality. With precious objects that were made with clay and are still made.

The Castellet

What in the past formed a great Christian fortress with watchtower, erected in the thirteenth century, now rests on the mountain in the form of ruin.

Rull Cave

Beautiful place with an enormous geological value. We can not miss this cave if we visit the place. Dated millions of years ago.

Barranco de Fontilles

At the foot of the Castle of the Municipality, where a specific dike was created to give use to the aquifers that were around the place.


Orba offers the chance of making different routes on foot

- Centell Fountain Route

- Orba Castle Route

- Route of the Sources

Bell Tower

Finished in the 19th century. Building that accompanies the rest of the municipality with that traditional character.

Cruz de Término

Placed in 1902, it replaced an older one (made of wood) in the northern part of the municipality.Destroyed and rebuilt on a previous occasion.


Jalón, also known as Xaló in Valencian, is located to the north of the Costa Blanca, within the Marina Alta. This place with only 2630 inhabitants has a unique natural environment. It is located in the valley crossed by the river Jalón (55km).


With a generally mild temperature, people here enjoy not-so-cold winters and not-so-warm summers, due to the proximity of the sea. The scarce rains make it an ideal place to visit at any time of the year.

What to see and places of interest

- Hermitage of Santo Domingo

- Church of Santa María

- Water mill

- Bassa dels Arcs

Routes of historical interest

- Route of the wells: That crosses the 4 springs of the place.

- Route of the Martorell: That visits the places and properties of the family Martorell.

- Jalón Route: It crosses the village through its most significant streets.

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