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After exceeding the number of 20,000 inhabitants, distributed in different population centers such as:

El albir, Barranc Fondo, Captivador, Devesa, Orange and Flowers, Scandinavia, La Estrada, White Foia, Alfaz Garden, Romeral, El Tossalet, Belmonte Oasis, La Capitana, Foia l'Om, Residence Park, San Rafael, Arabí and Partial Beach Plan;

Alfás del Pi has become a benchmark of the Costa Blanca for the vacations of thousands of tourists.

In addition, with a registered foreign population that surpasses the Spanish one (55% - 45%), l'Alfás del Pi has the second largest colony of Norwegian citizens in the world.

All these facts suppose an exponential development of the sectors dedicated to the tourism as they can be the Real estate in Alfaz del Pi.

Houses for sale in L'Alfás del Pi

l'Alfás del Pi and its real estate companies offer a wide range of products in terms of homes. Although it is true that due to its main potential customers (Norwegian, British and Dutch) the offer of villas, farms and bungalows predominates over flats and apartments. These clients prefer homes with open spaces, gardens and solariums so common apartments are left slightly behind in this battle.

This is where the real estate agencies of l'Alfás del Pi enter into action to find what their clients are looking for.

Thanks to their professional help, clients are able to travel through the municipality until they find the house that meets their expectations. Showing different options in different places and with different prices, adapted to each budget and need. All the purchase process is greatly streamlined and simplify the process to facilitate the purchase-sale. In addition, they offer legal advice and protection, taking responsibility, in many cases, for anything that could go wrong.

In this way a customer who is, for example, in Norway will not have to make several trips to comply with the protocol and can be calm to be in good hands.

Rent houses in L'Alfás del Pi

The rental of homes in l'Alfás del Pi must also be taken into account. Beyond long-term rentals, if we focus on vacation rentals, real estate agents have a good amount of work.

Anyone who decides to buy Alfaz del Pi, previously visited the place and probably more than once. When the hotel does not meet the needs, the client will look for a full house to enjoy their days off, probably as a family and for this you will need more than a couple of rooms with bathroom.

There is also a great offer in terms of rental housing in l'Alfaz, and again, receiving the help of real estate agents is always a good idea.

Real estate agents in L'Alfás del Pi

There are two large localized real estate groups in the municipality.

One is located in the urban center, close to the services and where the work and bustle of the day to day is always present. Obviously here the most economic and apartment-type homes predominate. Here you do not look for the beach or the sun, but the rhythm of a city.

The other located in El Albir, a step away from the beach where the independent chalets predominate, the bungalows, the less populated townhouses and urbanizations. It is a quieter area that seeks the holiday and sunny atmosphere of the coast.

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