The most beautiful thing about Santa Pola is the great variety of beaches and coves that it offers us. They range from long sandy beaches to small, intimate rocky coves. One or the other is an ideal place to spend a few days of holidays either with the family or not. The atmosphere is beautiful and the natural environment accompanies a lot with the salt lakes, the dunes and the sea.

Levante Beach

Nice, big and with services. It has everything to be one of the most visited. With dark sand, calm waters and many services, it is ideal to enjoy the beach in all its splendor.

With restrooms, lifeguards, restaurants, parking and of course, the famous Blue Flag.

Ermita Beach

It has that name because “La Virgen del Rosario Hermitage” is in front of the beach.  Quiet beach and very pleasant to eat during the day.

Beyond the beach itself, just behind the hermitage, on the wall of the mountain,  we can find the entrance to the caves of the spiders, a short trip along an archaeological route.

Varadero Beach 

Thanks to many pictures, for those who have not been able to be here yet, you can appreciate the beauty of this beach, and understand why it was one of the first to receive the so recognized blue flag. With its almost 500m and all the beach services, this place is still one of the most visited by people of all ages.

Lisa Beach in Santa Pola

The main characteristic of this beach are its bars and restaurants. With more than 30 years of history they offer proffesional services to clients, as well as exquisite meals, for anyone who wants to have a drink overlooking the sea. Increasing leisure until the night with more bars, pubs and nightclubs.

It is also an ideal beach for watersports.  With predominant streaks of wind, wind surfing and kite surfing are practiced very regularly on this beach.

El Tamarit Beach

On the western border of the beach, is located the salt wharf of 1897.  The wagons carried the salt to the boats that loaded them in the ships to transport it.  With a length of 660m this beach offers all the characteristic services of urban beaches such as: Hammocks, umbrellas, amphibious chairs, lifeguard service, chiringuitos, public toilets, beach volley nets, children's playground, nautical areas for windsurfing and sailing, and so on.

La Gola Beach

It has a more difficult access and therefore we can only reach this beach on foot.  This gives it enough privacy, limiting to a great extent the visits of the assiduous public to the beaches.

It is also ideal for water sports such as kitesurfing, sailing and canoeing.

Gran Playa Beach

It's just over a mile long.  It is a perfect beach to relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday.

Normally the conditions here are perfect for all kinds of sports in the water and in the sand. Very close we will find the windsurfing club of Santa Pola where we can rent all the equipment or receive professional lessons.

Calas del Cuartel

Beautiful coves with little visitor traffic.  The nature here takes you away from the feeling of urbanism of the city.  With clear waters and eroded rocks, the cove has become an ideal place for underwater fishing or snorkelling.  Thanks to the University of Alicante, talks are usually given about the marine biodiversity of the area and a guided tour of the area is created here.   

Calas deL'Aljub

Just next to the famous and impressive Cabo de Santa Pola (144m high), we find the coves of l'Aljub.  Hidden in a protected area, they are perfect for resting and enjoying a magnificent loneliness. There are almost no services nearby.  

Calas Santiago Bernabeu

These coves with rocks of all types and sizes in the background were disappearing and have been restored about 20 years ago using sand and rocks from other nearby locations.  It measures about 1km and has every service imaginable for the beach.

Calas Santa Pola Este

With a Blue Flag since 2006, this cove exceeds 1300m in length. It offers services of umbrellas and hammocks, Maritime Rescue, Chiringuitos, Public Toilets and Volleyball nets.   

Caleta delsGossets

As its name suggests in Valencian (Gossets - Dogs) on a beach that admits dogs. This is an area of great environmental relevance and therefore with great environmental landscape value.  They are only 200m but they are enough for animal lovers to enjoy the beach with their best friends.

It has the basic equipment for dogs, and offers toilets and rescue service in high season.  

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