In the case of Santa Pola, a town with a history and tradition linked to the sea, most of its festivals revolve around it.


The so-called "Half Year" festive, is celebrated in early March and serves as a presentation or preamble for the Moors and Christians that are celebrated just 6 months later.


In these months the Holy Week of Santa Pola is celebrated. As it is usual in these dates and festivities, the processions carried out by the different brotherhoods, take place along the streets of the locality.

Nor should we forget that inside the courtyard of the Castle of Santa Pola a beautiful Medieval Market is also prepared to accompany these festivities.


Almost at the end of the month the "Romeria Del Cap" is celebrated. In honour of the Virgin of the Rosary, several religious acts and a mass are celebrated to commemorate the Virgin.

Several choirs sing their songs, musical groups play their songs and groups offer dances at various events during these days.


On the 16th the festivity is celebrated in honour of the Virgen del Carmen, by means of masses, offering to the deceased sailors, procession and fireworks.


The last day of August and the first week of September begin the Moors and Christians festivities, (half a year after the celebration of the "Mid Year").  They are celebrated in honour of the Virgin of Loreto with various acts such as the landing, the conquest and reconquest, offering of flowers, processions, children's games, sports competitions and some more.

December - Christmas Festivals

During the last days of the year several activities are organized for the youngest and the youngest in the main square of the city.

Then on the 31st the new year is received with the bells from the Castle and on the 5th of January the festivities end with the parade and parade of the kings.

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