Are you thinking of renting a car to move around the area?

Rent a car

To move around the city or the Costa Blanca, the best option is to rent a car during your stay. This way you will ensure that you can get where you want to go during your holidays.

If you decide to rent, you will be able to enjoy the many popular routes in the area, visiting all the villages not only on the coast but also in the interior of the Costa Blanca.

The option of renting offers numerous advantages such as:

- Great flexibility when planning or organizing the trip or a visit.

- You plan the route you are going to travel in a completely personalized way to your liking, which offers you total freedom.

- It means considerable savings if you travel with colleagues or relatives.

- Comfort is also a strong point because you can prepare everything from home. Both the car that best suits your needs and the type of insurance and many other things, which will be ready until you reach your holiday destination.


If you're still not sure about renting a car we can say that it's no hassle to do it comfortably from home. The process has been greatly simplified and companies are making it easier and easier. For all of us to be able to make our reservation the options of renting through internet are basic and economic. They also offer telephone assistance in case we need any help.

These companies are scattered throughout the Costa Blanca, although it is true that they are often concentrated in transit areas or places where public transport prevails, where visitors to Torrevieja usually arrive such as the bus station.

We recommend trying to make the renting or reservation before the high summer season because the options are greatly reduced and prices rise considerably.

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