In the kitchen of Torrevieja, as in many others on the coast, the products of both the orchard and the sea are merged. For this reason, the gastronomy reflects a very strong traditional influence which has been intermingled with the new cuisine and has resulted in one of the best kitchens in the world.

Also in Torrevieja rice is a very prominent product, prepared in several ways: With vegetables, tuna, prepared with caldero and various fish, etc..

For that reason the fish is the base of the kitchen of all the Restaurants of Torrevieja. In any of them we will be able to ask for plates so aluciantes with incredible flavors like:

mojaorico de rajá", "gazpacho de mero", "gato" fried with tomato, "caldico empaná", are some examples of what you can taste here. You will find a multitude of salted or salted fish, clearly influenced by the salty origin of this city.

Also influenced by the interior, Torrevieja's cuisine offers delicious stews and meat dishes. Such as stew with balls, rabbit gazpacho, snail stew, etc. A differentiated and quality cuisine that you can taste in any of the bars and restaurants.


Held once a year, some of these events have an ancient tradition and have been celebrated for many years.

- Route of the Tapa
- Spoon Week
- Gastrovegabaja
- International Tapas day
- Aromas and Flavors of Rice
- Gastronomic Days
- We're going for tapas.
- Rice from Torrevieja
- Casserole and Wine

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