Translators on the Costa Blanca

Official Translators on the Costa Blanca

The official translators of the Costa Blanca offer all types of translations to their clients, whether sworn or legal, in more than 20 European languages. In order to carry out this work, the professional translators have a lot of experience and are highly qualified people.

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs appoints these people as Sworn Interpreters for each of the languages they work with to ensure their professionalism and efficiency. If we need to translate any type of document, we can always count on this team of professional translators who will help us with sworn and legal translations. 

The most widely used languages on the Costa Blanca for Official Translators are the following:

Spanish, English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Greek, Arabic, Serbian, Croatian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Macedonian, Catalan, Latin. 

These Official Translation Agency / Sworn Translation, specialize in all languages and prepare for translations to satisfy customers from more than 25 countries, offering a private translation and advice.

Their own interest obliges them to offer high quality services to their clients and they will always offer the best official and sworn translation services. All this must be accompanied by a competitive price so that your clients can be interested in the service. In addition to the commitment to finish the work within a period previously indicated. Any translation order will be carried out quickly and efficiently, within the agreed deadlines. 

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