Vets on the Costa Blanca


Costa Blanca Veterinary Clinics are always concerned about the health of our favorite pet. All their staff will focus on giving the best attention to our pet. 

Their highly professional clinics with many years of experience are the best choice. They generate a very special relationship with each client and each pet so that they feel welcomed by each of the workers in the centres. 

Each animal is unique and so is each owner, which is why they offer highly personalized services adapted to each problem or situation, always seeking the best for our pet. 

These veterinary clinics on the Costa Blanca offer the best services for our pets:

- Health insurance for our pets

Each veterinary center will have its own insurance and contract options but all of them will offer us different models from which to choose the best option for our pet and ourselves. 

- Pet hotels on the Costa Blanca

This service is less common than the previous one and not all clinics have it.  Some of them offer the necessary stay and care for our animals in case we need to be away for a while.  This would be a "Hotel" service for our pet at a very competitive price. It is a service available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to leave our animal with the best caretakers in case we need it. 

They will treat him with the best possible care and maximum affection, as well as always being controlled and watching over his state of health.  They will try to make your absence the least stressful for your best friend. 

- Dog and cat grooming in Costa Blanca

Some of these clinics offer dog and cat grooming. Usually an outside professional will come to the clinic on certain days of the week when we can cut the hair of our pets.If the veterinary clinic is large enough, they may have a worker who offers the service every day of the week. 

With this service they offer us the best care and hygiene for our dog or cat, as well as baths and nail cuts for their best health. 

Travelling with a pet

After the new laws that started in 2015, certain new rules were imposed for travelling with our friend in the EU. 

- In order to travel within the European Community

You will need a microchip or tattoo, rabies vaccination, parasite treatment and a passport certificate.  We will also need to look at each country's regulations in case the rules change or they have other requirements. 

- To travel outside the European Community

Here we must inform ourselves directly about the regulations of each country depending on where we travel and adapt to what they ask us. 

Veterinary Hospitals on the Costa Blanca

Some clinics have a Veterinary Hospital where animals under treatment or sick people can be treated and rest until their recovery. This centre will always have 24-hour attention, 365 days a year. The professionals that a centre like this should have will be: A chief veterinarian and the other auxiliaries. Our pet will feel like at home and will be watched 24 hours a day during his hospitalization to achieve the fastest possible recovery.

This service would include surgery. In case you need it, the fantastic professionals, will be able to operate our pet and apply any treatment with veterinary surgery. The clinics that offer surgery will have good infrastructures, operating rooms and all the necessary materials to take care of our animals. 

Veterinary Endoscopy

They are 2 of the most used techniques to detect diseases in animals. They are used both because they are not aggressive and do not affect our animals in any negative way. 

The organs will be observed directly through cameras without the need to open or hurt the pets. In this way the problem will be found directly and action can be taken quickly to solve it. 

These techniques are used to generate as little damage as possible and that recoveries are short and painless. 

Radiology and ultrasound for animals

They can also count on state-of-the-art X-ray and ultrasound systems of the highest quality. As in humans, radiology will allow us to see if any part of our pet is affected by any damage and it will be possible to evaluate it more quickly and easily. 

With the ultrasounds you will be able to see the internal organs and detect any alteration or suspicious situation in the body of the animal. Although it is possible that to receive these services we will have to go to a larger clinic that has them. 

Laboratory and Analysis of pets

Some clinics have their own laboratory where they analyze everything necessary.  A center with the necessary advances to work directly with the problem and search for the optimal solution.  Thanks to a laboratory, the samples could be analysed on the spot and an exhaustive and personalised follow-up of each pet could be carried out. The great advantage of having our own laboratory is that tests and analyses can be carried out at any time quickly and efficiently. 

Treatments for the age of pets

Like us, pets also grow older, and birthdays often mean illness and disease.  In some cases they will need some special care to avoid certain suffering. 

The professionals at the clinics on the Costa Blanca work to detect any problems that may exist and combat them in the best possible way.  In this case the animals will need some extra care as they get older and the veterinary clinics will be happy to help you. 

Acupuncture for dogs and cats

Like the hairdresser's, most clinics work with an outside person who occasionally comes in to offer this service, so it would be necessary to make appointments in advance. 

This practice, like us, consists of ancient Chinese science and can also be used on animals, but always by veterinary experts. It is a completely natural technique that combats functional and dermatological problems, allergies, mobility problems and much more.

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