Would you like to rent a car in Villajoyosa?

Travel lovers know that car renting is an option that offers many advantages and comforts. Completely forget about public transport timetables, avoid queues and save time are just some of the points in favour.

This allows you to be completely flexible with the route and be able to change it at will to extend the holiday or make it shorter.

Rental companies are expanding in every way; more shops, more employees, more cars and more visibility, due to the forecast of increased holiday visits to the Costa Blanca.

There are several factors that determine whether a person will rent or not.

- Availability. There are more and more companies and they make it easier and they offer personalized services to favor the clients more and more.

- Savings. Especially in the area of maintenance and insurance you can save a good money. In addition we avoid the revisions of the car if the trip is going to be long.

- Adaptability. Depending on the trip in question or the people who are going to enjoy it, it is possible that in each case we need a different vehicle and here is where they have a great asset. To adapt to each occasion we can rent different types of vehicles depending on our destination or trip.

What do you need to rent a car?

- To be 18 years old or older

- Certain card seniority (depends on the company)

- The credit card where they will keep the deposit for the vehicle

What to do before renting?

We recommend a general inspection of the car, wheels, lights, interior condition, bodywork and sheet metal on the outside, to prevent us from being blamed or charged for any damage beyond our control. That way we can show that we are not responsible for what the car might already have.

It is also important to choose the type of contract that suits us if we are going to make many km because many companies put limits when it comes to driving great distances. And we must be careful too and not delay in the time and date of return.

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