Restaurants in Calpe

The gastronomy of the city is very varied. Dishes with fish from its own bay, such as octopus and sardines, predominate. Other typical dishes that we will be able to find in any restaurant are the paellas of rice with different ingredients and prepared with firewood and to the furnace. To finish always we will be able to ask for a delicious artisan candy that they prepare to daily and also they are very typical. 

Calpe is multicultural and proof of this are the variety of restaurants with international dishes that will bring you to know, among others, German, American, Austrian, Belgian, Oriental, Greek, Indian, English, Italian or Swiss cuisine.

Some of the best known dishes:


It is one of the most typical dishes in Calpe, made with fish from the city, potatoes and tomatoes from the countryside. 


It is a rice that is prepared with fish and seafood. It is very common among local people and especially among older people who drank it when they were young. 

Products of Calpe


Fish is Calpe's star product. With a great quality and freshness, from the sea to the table, it has managed to have a distinctive quality. When the restaurants had the sign "Pez de Calpe" they assured that their products had been fished in the coast of Calpe. 

Every year more and more restaurants add to this quality mark and adopt it for their kitchens. 


With an Alicante winery at the head, this wine pays tribute to its homeland, the Costa Blanca. It is an original product that makes the city more attractive. 

A fine wine from 1994 called "Peñon de Ifach" made with grapes from the Villena vineyards made up of Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

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