Enjoy a unique evening, where we have prepared a unique gastronomic proposal, designed so that you only have to worry about enjoying.

El Rincón del Vino

Fantastic Pizzeria - Tratoria located in a privileged place.  Specialized in fondue and pizzas.

infocostablanca restaurante

infocostablanca restaurante

infocostablanca restaurante

Gastronomy in Guardamar del Segura

In the beautiful village of Guardamar, the gastronomy is one of the best of the entire Mediterranean coast. It is a perfect example of healthy cuisine with its own products, and as in other nearby places, it perfectly combines the products of the sea as well as those of the land. In addition to those traditional restaurants, in Guardamar you can find other very varied and very different cultures.

Possibly the best cuisine and the best dishes are prepared with local products such as various kinds of fish and mollusks.

The ñora and the prawns

But the 2 products par excellence of this place are the Ñora and the Langostino. 

The ñora de guardamar is considered a jewel of our gastronomic culture like few other awarded products. It is a kind of red pepper with a unique aroma for rice and other dishes. 

Guardamar prawns are unique for their quality when fished in an area where fresh and salt water are mixed. 

Gastronomic Week

For several years now the Gastronomic Week of the Ñora and the Langostino has been celebrated at guardamar.  Several restaurants in the town have joined the Department of Tourism to organize this beautiful event. 

During that week menus are prepared that include these two products in their dishes, along with other joint events that seek to promote tourism Guardamar. 

Route of the Tapas with History

Also very important in Guardamar is the tapa route. It extends between 2 and 3 weeks in the month of October and participating restaurants must prepare a special "tapa" with local products and accompany them with a drink. In this way the participants will be able to go from one restaurant to another tasting all the local products.

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