Restaurants in Jávea

The city's gastronomy is linked to its history and geographical position. All its vegetables and fruits are cultivated in its inland lands and all its fish come from the sea. For this reason the city has an unparalleled variety and quality of fish. We will find in its gastronomy and its typical dishes a lot of fish and seafood. In addition to rice and some unique products such as saffron, nuts, figs and tomatoes.
It is also famous for its salted tuna, anchovies and dried octopus.
Without forgetting the fish and octopus stews.
There are also several types of rice made with seafood, baked and with firewood.
For desserts, typical products such as almonds, oranges and figs are used.

Gastronomic Events

Jávea with Dish
At the beginning of March this event is celebrated that every year chooses a traditional product of the zone and during those days the restaurants that participate offer delicious menus elaborated with those precise products.

Jávea with Seafood Dish
In November menus are offered but in this case always accompanied by some type of fish or seafood product.

Historical Jávea Tapas
Several important places of the city offer a great variety of "Tapas" of the local gastronomy. Also included are musical events and performances to brighten up the day.

The Sea of Tapas
During the month of October the route of the "Tapas" is carried out but this time by the locals of the marine district of Jávea.


There is an enormous variety of places to eat and food from different cultures in addition to one's own. Here we show a great list:

- Local-Mediterranean Cuisine
- Tapas Bars
- Italian Cuisine
- International cuisine
- Asian cuisine
- Spanish regional cuisine
- Sandwiches, hamburgers, kebab and snack bar
- Take-away food

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