Restaurants in Elche: Gastronomy

Elche is one of the cities with the richest and most varied gastronomy. 

In it we find unique products of the zone. A beautiful orchard and a sea so close offer incredible products to offer visitors.  Also standing out in the great variety of rice and its preparation. 

It is also very relevant the fruits of the earth, generally served in desserts (dates, figs, pomegranates ...) as well as the Tortada de Elche or Fig Bread. Among the traditional drinks we find the distillate of the cantueso flower, the aniseed of pigeon (the popular "Nugolet") and the Liquor of Date.

In this city we can find a great variety of places where to enjoy this wonderful gastronomy, in the urban helmet, the environs of the city or in the outskirts. 

Numerous restaurants where we offer the best dishes with traditional ingredients of the land. 


Here you can find almost all the open restaurants in Elche:


The product par excellence of the city is the fresh date of the great palm grove. Harvested between October and January, it is easily available in any establishment almost all year round. 


The fruits known as "pomegranates" of the "mollar" type are the best and most valued in the world. In Elche we will be able to find a great variety of them and it is very common to use them to make juice that we will be able to buy in any restaurant or store. 

In addition to dates and pomegranates, in the countryside of Elche countless traditional Mediterranean crops are pampered, such as oranges, almonds, olives, medlars, figs and lemons.


There is a small area on the outskirts of the city that is dedicated to the production of local wines. There is a great variety of wines, among them the red Crianza, the rosé wine, the "moscatel", and its new white wine. 

Agricultural markets

In these markets you can buy products directly from the field. The farmers sell the products they grow themselves on the street to anyone who comes to the place. Vegetables and other fresh produce are available throughout the year. 

These markets are placed in different parts of the city depending on the day of the week..: 

Monday: San Crispín (Diego Pascual Oliver Street) and El Plá-Sector V (Antonio Mollá Albaladejo Street).

- Mondays: in the street "Diego Pascual Oliver".

- Tuesdays : in the street "Green Architect".

- Wednesdays on Alginet Street.

- Thursdays in the street "Diego Fuentes Serrano"

- Fridays at Anacla Street.

- Saturday in the streets "Francisco Perez Campillo" and "Pepico Vaello Fernandez".

In some areas around the city we can also find some:

- La Hoya

- Torrellano

- The Altet

- The Navy

- Arenales del Sol

Finally, on Sundays that there is no football, just next to the city stadium is a large market with all kinds of products not just food.

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