The flavours of the Costa Blanca

There is a great variety of flavours and dishes all along the coast, made up of products from the sea and products from the orchard. These dishes make up the famous Mediterranean diet famous for its great taste and above all for being very healthy. 

In addition to the well-known rice dishes, the province has a great quality of horticultural products and fruits.  This good cuisine is reflected in the many restaurants in the area awarded with the important "ESTRELLA MICHELIN" recognition of the merit and quality of restaurants and products. 

There are also certain products with "Denomination of Origin" which gives them a superior quality. As it is the case of: The nougat of Jijona, the grape of the Vinalopó, the wines of Alicante...

Thanks to all this, added to the great professionalism and experience of the restaurants of the Costa Blanca, this land has become an important reference worldwide. 

Rice and Paellas

It's the star dish of our coastline. There are numerous specialities and as we move along the coast the ingredients are changing and in each municipality is always made with a different touch. There is a great variety of preparations combining them with fish, meat, vegetables and much more. 

In the towns bathed by the sea, fish, seafood and broth rice predominates and in the inland regions, rice made with meat, legumes and vegetables.

Rice Caldero

It is a sweet rice prepared with a fish base with a strong flavor, heated in a cauldron. More common by the south zone of the province. 

Rice A Banda

It is in the Marina Alta area where we will find him the most. It is prepared with all the fish and sea animals to give it as much flavour as possible but only the rice is served, adorned with a small piece of fish. 

Rice With Crust

It is more customarily prepared with a base of meat and vegetables, although it also depends where we ask. It is characterized by a layer of beaten egg on top that is hardened by heat and is usually served in small clay dishes. 

Baked Rice

Potatoes and pork are usually added to this type of rice, although it also varies according to the area. 

Arroz con Habichuelas/Nabos (Rice with Beans) 

It is the oldest traditional recipe of all and is usually accompanied by meat and vegetables typical of the land of each area. 

Rice with Rabbit and Snails

Rabbit meat and snails are added to give it that characteristic touch. It is also usually cooked with wood and saffron which give it a unique touch. 

Taste of the sea

It is inevitable to think of the sea when we hear about the Costa Blanca. With its more than 190 km of coastline, it offers us a great variety of marine products of incredible quality. 

There is a long list of varieties of fish and shellfish: 

Red shrimp, prawns and shrimp. Among the fish: blue whiting, hake, red mullet, monkfish, sea bream, sole, anchovy, sardine, gilthead bream, sea bass, mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, ray, turbot, tuna and swordfish, squid, cuttlefish and octopus the sea urchin.

It is worth mentioning the public auctions of fish that are organised in seaports and fish markets, where anyone can go and buy fish fresh from the sea. 

There are infinite recipes with fish to eat either first course, aperitif, tapas or even desserts. 

Within such a variety of products, there are always some that stand out above the rest as they can be:  The red shrimp from Denia or the prawns from Guardamar del Segura.

Salted fish

In order to preserve the fish in a natural way, it used to be seasoned with salt and dried in the sun so that it would last longer without spoiling. Using a very similar process, Salted fish are created. Although it is not usually a main dish at mealtime, it is widely used as an aperitif or as an ingredient to accompany other meals

The orchard and the countryside

There are 2 reasons why the products of the land are so good in this area. The climate and the farmers. Although the scarcity of rains and the heat limit a little the type of product that can be cultivated, the great majority that are planted, sprout with a unique flavor and quality in all Spain. 

The great variety of products include: Artichoke, tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, leeks, beans, broccoli, watermelons, melon, oranges, lemons, lettuces, chard, spinach,....

On the Costa Blanca there are 4 products with Denomination of Origin: 

- Callosa Nisperos

- Cherries from Alicante

- Vinalopó Grape

- Granada of Elche

Without forgetting of course the precious Alicante tomato or rice grown here.  Of the palms of Elche and their fruit "the date". From the "Ñora" of Guardamar. Of the olive trees and the olive that is used to elaborate oil.

The most famous desserts of the Costa Blanca

Sugar is the star ingredient in many of the products made on the Costa Blanca, such as the famous Alicante and Jijona nougat. Or chocolate and its great industry in Villajoyosa. Ibi and Jijona ice creams of excellent quality are also very famous. 

Some of the best known desserts on the Costa Blanca are of Arabic origin and have been prepared for several centuries. Other more modern desserts are exquisite as well: 

"Los Pasteles de Gloria, Almojábanas, zamarras, chatos, hoofs, valarinos, paparajones, yemas, buñuelos, jams, coca de almendras, las toñas, las peladillas, las monas, aniseed rolls, coca boba, almonds, sequillos, pumpkin cakes, sweet potato cake, coca de mollitas, frosted fruits, torrijas, fig bread, yolks, mantecados, polvorones, perusas, orelletes".

After all, there are many desserts and sweets to taste and enjoy with.

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